The I.D.: A riot of bare limbs belonging to the eight-story beauties beyond our rear windows. They do a fine job of mimicking bronchial trees, don't you think? Neural networks, too.

See what I mean?

I think these images give added meaning to the term, "the lungs of the city," which refers to urban parks. The phrase is famously attributed to Frederic Law Olmsted, although he didn't actually coin it. "The lungs of the city" is a form of the earlier expression, "the lungs of London." That phrase has been attributed to William Pitt the Elder, British Prime Minister from 1766-68. It appears that Hyde Park was the original "lungs of London." Sometime during the 19th century, the phrase was generalized to refer to major urban parks.

:217project; photos dianamuse


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I love "the lungs of the city." Very powerful.

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These are gorgeous. are these yours?

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Every single post is exquisite! Thank you

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