postcards from the edge

Some gorgeousness for your day ahead. These vistas might bolster your courage and (maybe) inspire you to do the thing you think you cannot do (that note of wisdom from Eleanor Roosevelt).

I'll return to lower altitudes late next week.



heading for the hills...

...well, the mountains - the mighty Rockies, to be precise. I'll be away from here for a bit and will return in early July. Wishing you all a wonderful start of summer.

Happy wandering.

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Good weekend, everyone. Wherever you may be.

:studio aandacht, marrakech - click on images to enlarge (check out the detail on that top pic)


spf 75

¡Ay, caliente! Today's weather was of the steamy-scorcher variety. And tonight, we were treated to the most spectacular electrical storm I've seen in some time. You realize how much sky you CAN see in Manhattan when it's lit up 17 different ways.

:hot-as-hades interiors via marie claire maison



I've mentioned my Great-Aunt Irene before. She'll be 108 in less than a month. Last week, Irene's daughter (her only child) died. I didn't attend the funeral, but I hear that as family and friends gathered to pay respects and to offer condolences and comfort, Aunt Irene shared her own solace: "My darling Marion and I had been together for 87 years."

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wedding essential

We had the great honor of hosting a wedding (yes! the joyous event itself) in our apartment this weekend. I'm quite sure that the flowers (in this case, dozens and dozens - and more dozens - of huge white roses) were the single most important decorative element. These gargantuan beauties rivaled (almost) the resplendence of the bride and groom.



Here, in front of the summer hotel
the beach waits like an altar.

- Anne Sexton, "The Kite"

Good weekend, everyone. Wherever you may be.

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one of these things is not like the others...

One of these things just doesn't belong.
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?

I picked off a shot from my i-archive and placed it among some gorgeous still lifes from the amazing Studio Aandacht. It takes a pretty sophisticated eye to figure out which one doesn't belong here. Go on. Make a guess.

So sorry I've been scarce lately. I hope to regain some momentum over the weekend. My great thanks to all of you who stop by - you're wonderful. You know that already.

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