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visionaries: tim walker

Tim Walker's evocative images are full of textured nuance and intriguing detail. Stunning sets and lavish locations juxtapose the everyday with the absurd and the fabulous, to create captivating, original photographs.

Walker loves turning "funny daydreams into funny photographs," adding that he lives much of the time in an imaginary world, a world rooted in real-life and memory, specifically the British countryside of his childhood.

How does he pull off such elaborate productions? According to Andrew Thomas, one of Walker's agents:

Every season there comes a conversation with Tim on his ideas for upcoming stories. Tim is going to suspend a model on a giant hook; float a bathroom in the sea; paint various animals in pastel shades; attach a bed to the top of a classic car and then drive it; a roomful of rabbits; a tree in a house; a horse in a house. Then it dawns on you: how on earth is all of this going to be accomplished? Eventually, somehow, it all comes to fruition.

Walker's work is on exhibit at The Design Museum through September 28. Has anyone out there been lucky enough to see it?


:tim walker; daily telegraph; images © tim walker pictures

tim walker addendum

This Tim Walker shot of Sacha Pivovarova in Kizhi, Russia, appeared in a 2006 issue of British Vogue. One of Walker's assistants, Michelle Duguid, was there for the shoot. She recounts this lovely backstory:

Four generations of a family lived in this cramped house. We ended up unpacking the clothes in a room where four of the oldest members of the family slept, while Tim set up his tripod in an adjoining room surrounded by a further 17 staring members of the extended family. The two sisters sang us old Russian folk songs about the death of traditional country life, a subject close to our hosts' hearts. The singing moved Sacha to tears.

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Good weekend, everyone. Wherever (and whomever) you may be.

:may 2008 vogue. interpretations of superheroes poison ivy (nina ricci), dawnstar (dior haute couture), catwoman (dolce and gabbana)


Truth be told, it was that lovely (velvet mohair-upholstered?) settee that first caught my eye. You'll find other interior shots—an image bonanza is more like it—of Chicago's Jayson Home & Garden store, right here.

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rachel papo: behind the scenes

I'm fascinated by Rachel Papo's images of backstage goings on at the New York City Ballet and the Metropolitan Opera. Her photographs are beautiful, and their matter-of-fact attitude only heightens the appeal.

Rachel Papo was born in 1970 in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Israel. She began photographing as a teenager and attended a renowned fine arts high school in Haifa. She holds a degree in fine arts from Ohio State University and an MFA in photography from New York's School of
Visual Arts.

These images of theatrical furnishings present a sharp contrast to some of Papo's more recent work. At age 18, she served in the Israeli Air Force as a photographer. Those two intensive years inspired Serial No. 3817131, a project titled after Papo's own number during service. There's a great interview with Papo about her photographs of Israeli military women here.

Papo continues to photograph in both Israel and New York. She lives in Brooklyn.

:rachel papo, nutcracker fitting series
serial no. 3817131 series
papo at clampart



n. pl. vi·sion·ar·ies

1. One who is given to impractical or speculative ideas; a dreamer.
2. One who has visions; a seer.
3. One who tends to envision things in perfect but unrealistic,
idealistic form.

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fancy pants

Ryan Thurlwell's typographic illustrations are equal parts Chicago graffiti, classical drawing and deconstructivist painting. Thurlwell renders everything from maps to animals, and his love of comic books (both collecting and creating) plays a large role in much of his editorial and fine art freelance work.

This curvaceous, fanciful piece began as a ballpoint pen drawing. (Find the embedded title of the artwork in the art itself. It's sort of a Highlights Hidden Pictures kind of thing.) Thurlwell vectorized and letterpress-printed the art to give it an ultra-crisp look (and feel) on soft Crane paper.

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Good weekend, everyone. Wherever you may be.

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