dreams of flying

Inspired by classic children's books as well as modern superheroes, Jan von Holleben started producing Dreams of Flying in 2002 with children from his local neighborhood in southwest Germany. Jan brings the influences of his parents (a cinematographer and a child therapist) to his work. His focus on the visual representation of childhood comes from his teacher-training coursework: he combines the theories of 'Child History' and 'Play' with his personal experience and childhood memories.

Do you still fly in your dreams — or dream that you will once again?

:jan von holleben


Luisa Perkins said...

I still do, thank goodness. Those dreams are powerful solace in hard times.

These images are wonderful.

Giulia said...

Can't remember. Will think about it. Someone asked me this the other day. Hmmm. Wonderful photographs.

Anonymous said...

excellent and fun concept.

Anonymous said...

actually, to answer your questions - yes, i use to. I have dreams of being a vampire and flying parallel with the clouds. sometimes it is me, some times me and my son and more than once it also included Mr. Spock as flying vampire?!?! All true. hee hee

Genna said...

These are lovely. They remind me of this fantastic music video: