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Oh, the hilarity of Tim Davis's self-referential My Audience project.

Photography Club

Observations from a recent lecture at Hamilton College:

Prior to beginning [the] lecture, Davis insisted that all audience members be seated in the middle section of the [lecture space], where nearly all seats were quickly filled. Rather than starting his talk, he began adjusting a camera that stood on an impressively large tripod. He took three photographs of the audience, requesting that each member look as though they were sitting in an incredibly boring lecture.

His first few slides continued on the subject of why he photographs those who attend his presentations. Davis showed numerous photographs of past audiences while explaining that, in this way, he gets to continue his work even when giving speeches. In this way, he never has to leave the craft that he loves. (Hamilton College News)

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Giulia said...

Love this. I laughed. And I was just doing some work for an AAinRome app. I'm afraid I've looked like this more than once or twice; I know I've seen it, yikes, from this POV a few times. Or imagined I did.


* said...

Thanks for the morning laugh.

My most common audience would be a room full to bursting of diapered 18 month-3 yr old toddlers & their parents. (I'm a Children's Librarian who did Toddler story times for nearly a decade.)

Eeples & bananeenees

Luisa Perkins said...

I love these, especially the first two. Those glazed looks: priceless.

redmenace said...

I LOVE these pictures. Love!

Mlle Paradis said...

i like the pictures just fine but oh my GOD where do you find this jewelry?

Anonymous said...

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