the original

It just doesn't get better than Sir Sean in all his sexy, 60s, double-oh-cool glory. Yowzah.

I think that the wizards in Mad Men's mid-mod costumery must have taken some serious guidance from Mr. Connery's style sheet. Lookie here:

Nicely done.

:images dr. macro (top); amc (bottom); take the mad men costume shop tour


Dutchbaby said...

Yowzah indeed. Good spot - looks like a direct lift from 007. Sizzling hot!

Luisa Perkins said...

This has just become my favorite 007 photo of all time. Be still, my heart.

studio wellspring said...

i have every 007 movie sean connery starred in. i just watched from russia with love last night & was thinking it is high-time i blogged about the style in that movie. now seeing this post from you has convinced me to do it! soon, very soon. :o)

Philip Kennedy said...

That is great.
Sometime I wish all many looked and dressed like Sean Connery, most of the time I wish it's just me.