work detail: old questions, new project

I'm occasionally asked one or more of the following questions by my Internets compatriots: just exactly what do you do for a living? and where exactly do you work? and what exactly do you look like? and (my favorite) who exactly are you?

In characteristic fashion, I don't plan to answer any of these questions directly. Not now anyway.

However, I am posting some close-up shots from my workspace (which is a visual response to the second question—
sort of). And you'll find additional pics at beautimuse, that other place where I post bigger—much bigger—images.

But the very bestest part is that I'm inviting some of blogdom's most fantabulous residents to participate in a new project: I call it Work Detail. Starting in the fall, I'll post images of YOUR wondrous workspaces—be they studio, closet, park bench or houseboat. We can all gather 'round and consider what your creative surroundings say about you. Which begs the question, what do mine say about me?

Stay tuned, my sweets. This'll be fun.

:image dianamuse


Luisa Perkins said...

It sounds VERY fun. When we get home, I'll get busy composing some images.

alison said...

I love the photo of you workspace - and I am now thinking of what corner of my working life to photograph

Jen said...

Love the project! Heading over to Beautimuse to check out the other photos.

Jen said...

Back from my jaunt over to the other place... oh... I'm guessing you have a lot of fun at your work. I love the visual details. I think I might have to spruce up my space before joining. Ha!

Giulia said...

I always enjoy seeing (& often visiting) others' studios/workspaces/offices. Love the color in your photo.

On your first sentence. Though I am very curious & observe & report for a living, I never ask people where they live or what they do on the Internet. It's sort of odd, I suppose. Reading the quotes on the right sidebar & looking at the images, I imagine that says quite a bit about you. (I like them.) I just let people say or not where/who/why/what. If they like.

Looking forward to beautimuse as soon as I have a new computer (imminent) & high-speed access. It's too much for this old PC to download.



My Castle in Spain said...

i adore the idea !
i also adore the idea of you being mysterious in some ways though i reckon, i sometimes wondered : who is she ? :-)

My Castle in Spain said...

back from beautymuse...wonderful details...travel and textiles are the first things which come to my mind !