b e a u t i m u s e : twilight on the western front

Time for some pretties, my darlings. I've been away far too long. It's good to be home and it's oh such a pleasure to reconnect with all of you wonderful, patient, wicked-talented visiteurs.

For this evening's plaisir des yeux, we offer a photo from recent travels. This shot of the Wasatch Mountain range is one of several that I took from a 20-mile distance at five-minute intervals. You can see a trio of pics over at beautimuse, the new-ish place where I post Jumbotron-size images.

The shift in colors from moment to moment was stunning. And, lo and behold, the sunset hues perfectly match those of this 1940 travel postcard (below). All that coral and rose saturating the sky must come from years and years of pollution — courtesy of the copper mines. Thanks, Monsanto and Kennecott Minerals.

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