sit down, john

Three things, my friend:

1. Remember that tax breaks do not a stimulus package make. (You know this. I know you do.)
2. Click your heels together three times and recite the following: "That One won. I lost."
3. Watch this.

Sit down, John. For God's sake, John, sit down.

:youtube; 1776; john mccain


secretfragileskies said...

love this. same simplicity as "someone please show him the door."
you're good.

paris parfait said...

My sentiments, exactly. Obama has been way too generous with him. He should show a little respect and cooperation.

tangobaby said...

This sh*t just gives me creepy flashbacks. Sorry to swear but obviously some of us aren't over the bs from last year.

I really had a thought that this guy would come around a little since he has to have realized what egregious errors he made thanks to Rove, Kristol et al. Guess not.

christina said...

Wow! He is just pathetic!

: )

Jen said...

You said it perfectly - amen to that and someone flash him a BIG SIGN so he can read it!

Khaled KEM said...

I totally agree with you..Enough!!

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

I love this! Maybe Cindy or Lindsey Graham didn't tell him how badly he lost in November.

Anonymous said...

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