One of the world’s longest exposures ever. For six months between the winter and summer solstice, Justin Quinnell left open his homemade pinhole camera and tracked each phase of the sun over Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge. The lowest arc shows the first day of exposure on the winter solstice, the top curves were captured in the middle of summer.

:justin quinnell


P said...

Whoa. That's amazing.

(I feel like this is my response to ALL of your posts. I will try to come up with some new material soon.)

Janelle said...

oh INCREDIBLE! to repeat myself. i love this blog. totally inspirational. a daily dip leaves me wanting more and more and more. clever person, you. whoever you are.
x j

Anonymous said...

amazing amazing amazing

i love projects like this

happy happy weekend!

belindadelpesco.com said...

G r a t e f u l
that you find and post these morsels.
The rest of us are better for it. Thanks, and happy new year.

Jane Flanagan said...

Yowza - so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is truly awe-inspiring. Thanks again for another amazing post!