a day by any other name

The many faces of December 26: the first day of Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, St. Stephen's Day, the second (or first) day of Christmas. To celebrate the lot, I give you The Chieftains (another of Ireland's innumerable national treasures) with their cover of "St. Stephen's Day Murders." Vocals by Elvis Costello.

Did you know? Elvis Costello isn't Irish. Surprised, right? He was actually born and raised in England. That's why you won't find him on my list of "Ireland's innumerable national treasures." He's on other equally impressive lists. Just wanted to make that clear.

:youtube; images travelpod, cliffs of mohrer & dunguaire castle, ireland. i post these images in honor of my beautiful blogpal, jane (ill seen, ill said), a true daughter of ireland.

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Jane Flanagan said...

Awh shucks! You simply made my day. This has made me so happy!