earth from above

Yann Arthus-Bertrand photographs unique views of our planet -
from the sky. He's been doing so since 1994.

Since the beginning of the Earth from Above project, more than 500,000 photos have been taken in some 100 countries. Here you will find a selection ... sorted by continent.

We recommend you read the accompanying captions, each of them written by an expert on sustainable development. The light they shed on individual photographs reveals their essence and their worth - that of a precisely documented testimony on the state of the earth, a heritage both beautiful and fragile that we must all endeavor to preserve.

- Arthus-Bertrand, via his website

Arthus-Bertrand is currently preparing an exhibit of over 150 4-ft. by 6-ft. prints which will be on display at the World Financial Center Plaza and along the Battery Park City Esplanade in NYC from May to June 2009.

(click on images for ample enlargements)

:© yann arthus-bertrand, earth from above


katiedid said...

They are simply captivating aren't they? Long time admirer.

Jane Flanagan said...

I have one of his "Earth from Air" books and love it. His work has become such ubiquitous coffee-table book material, it's easy to forget just how stunning his really work is.

I also own his "Horses" book - it's very special.

Jen said...

What simply extraordinary images!

tangobaby said...

WOW! I have to get this book. That first photo! Oh goodness!

P said...

I love him - his work is so stunning.

Anonymous said...

Extraordinarily beautiful. You can see why our early ancestors worshipped nature ...


qerat said...

Amazing photos.
Thank you for sharing them with us.