desert bloom

I'm not so keen on the desert (Georgia O'Keefe and Leaving Las Vegas notwithstanding), but this lush cascade of succulents defies the arid, barren stereotype.

How beautiful is this?

The succulent is a thick, fleshy plant that stores water in its tissue. Succulents live either in areas where water is very scarce, such as deserts, or in places where it is not easily obtainable because of the high concentrations of salts in the soil, as in salt marshes. Many desert plants are xerophytes (i.e., plants that have adapted to conditions of low water availability).



Jane Flanagan said...

Oh I love succulents! This is gorgeous!

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P said...

That is insanely beautiful. I don't even like succulents. They usually remind me of bloated ticks.

Angela franco said...

I love succulents!!!