a year in paintings

Congratulations to my über-talented cyberpal, Abbey Ryan, who today celebrates the first anniversary of her Daily Painting Project. Do yourself a favor and take a gallery tour over at Abbey's Studio. Wish her the best. And find some inspiration to dig deeper into your own creativity.

Later this week, I'll post Part 1 of an interview with Abbey. The wait will be difficult, I know. But well worth it.

:ryan studio
abbey's email: abbeyryan[at]gmail[dot]com


Anonymous said...

Wow. She's amazing. I mean really. I'm wondering how she has the energy and focus to be so productive. Maybe she'll let us know. I promise to check back later this week to find out... xo em

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh yay! I've been following her blog for a few months and she's remarkable!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! the first one is incredible!

TIG said...

Abbey's work is really beautiful -- makes me think of lost memories or quiet moments.

Raymond Logan said...

Abbey is a great painter. She has had a positive effect on me as a fellow painter and she understands Morandi(!!!) and his influence on paint pushers like us. It's funny, because I mentioned her in my blog on the same day. I can't wait for the interview.

Anonymous said...

Holy smoke! Utterly gorgeous painting. I really admire her discipline, too -- it's so hard to feel inspired every day in the studio. Thanks for this!