Happy Holidays!

I took a bunch of photos (of course!) from our perch above The Parade yesterday morning. This is one of my favorites. (I like the subtle ogre-sized Letterman promo.)

Next we have a colossal example of classic design genius.

Followed by the Mystery Rabbit. (If you think this is the Energizer Bunny, it's not. Design Wonks will likely i.d. this fellow in a flash. Others might consider a Times consult for assistance.)

On the way home, a certain someone gathered up an armful of luminous yellow roses to add even more color to our Thanksgiving table.

Good weekend, everyone!



Unknown said...

What a great vantage point. I've always wanted to go to the parade. Hope you had a blast.

paris parfait said...

Oh I do miss the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parades! Thanks for these great photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh, to be there with you! Great photos.

Luisa Perkins said...

Lurrrve the shiny bunny! But lurve La Petite Esse more.

A blogpal wrote some reminiscences about Macy's Parades past; I'll email you the link.

Brilliant Asylum said...

You had the best seat in the house! Are these from you apartment? Whenever I see photos like this, I think of my husband who grew up in NY. It must have been fun to be a little kid in the city during the holidays.

I am soooo missing New York right now. Thanks for sharing these photos.

studio wellspring said...

hi ms.muse ~ just wanted to let you know your pay it forward handmade gift is finally on its way to your door. yay!
and i love your photos from the thanksgiving weekend, btw. ;o)