o, peeps, where art thou?

: amy butler at reprodepot

You may feel a distinct need to hide out in your home or some other personal space today. While the time you spend in solitude will likely have a positive effect on your mood and demeanor, this need to lay low can last longer than necessary. If you still feel withdrawn after reconnecting with your innermost thoughts and individual values, try asking yourself why you are reluctant to reenter the company of your peers. You may discover today that you are not sure if the pleasures of their company will equal the enjoyment you experienced while isolated. Overcoming this hesitancy will likely be a matter of steeling yourself and reaching out to others.

When we have been out of the social loop for some time, we may be hesitant to reacquaint ourselves with the pleasures of company. This is most often because we fear that the experiences we have in the present will not live up to those we have had in the past, and consequently we would rather dwell fondly upon the past. Yet the memories that sustain us for a short time have no power to bring us satisfaction in the long term. To experience true fulfillment, we must face our fears by emerging into a densely populated world to see what joys lie in wait for our perusals. As our companions welcome us back, we instinctively know we have made the right choice. You will cease to feel reserved today when you recognize that there is a great deal of fun to be had among family and friends.

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