There are lots of good writers. There are lots of hugely skilled writers. There are lots of us who write about many subjects with curiosity and diligence. But there are very few writers who find or forge the key that enables them to unlock the hearts of their readers and of their fellow people. And Salinger did that. He did it repeatedly. And whether he was silent for 40 years or miserably grumpy for half a century, I don't care. He did that. And he alone did that. He wrote with all his stars out and the world shines brighter for him. (Adam Gopnik, NPR interview, 1/28/10)

: image dianamuse, my first copy (purchased ~1972)


secretfragileskies said...

beautiful tribute. great gopnik. thanks!

Luisa Perkins said...

How I love Adam Gopnik.

I have been wanting to re-read all the Glass family stories, and now I have a sad spur.

Anonymous said...

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