good losers

Last year, Creativity magazine partnered with Penguin Books on a talent contest, asking artists of all types to develop a cover design for Sam Taylor's novel, The Island at the End of the World, published August '09.

Designers, illustrators, painters and photographers contributed more than 300 design concepts; a jury comprised of Penguin editor Alexis Washam, creative director Paul Buckley and a few editors from Creativity narrowed the field to 25 entries before deciding on the runners-up and the winning design.

The two designs on this post didn't make it to the judges' short list, but they would have been on mine. You'll find the contest winners over here. Care to weigh in on the final results?

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Luisa Perkins said...

I like them both very much, especially the first. Both would induce me to buy the book, since I admit to choosing books by their covers all the time.

What Possessed Me said...

They were totally robbed!

Jen said...

This really fascinated me. The ones they chose all reflect current trends in trade book covers. These do not. They're far more intriguing and sophisticated, IMHO, and that's why I think they weren't chosen.

Argh, I'm not a happy camper with the publishing industry these days!

Jane Flanagan said...

I adore the first one! I never seem to reach consensus with the majority on these kinds of things. Judging art is such a crapshoot!

Ms. Smart said...

Interesting interpretations.
I love a creative art challenge.

I also dig your style, the wonderful jeweled items and excellent quotes. you are a treasure. Thank you for sharing your visions.

Passementerie said...

I love the first one. I have on occasion bought books based solely on their covers and it has tended to pay off - that is how I read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and They Were Found Wanting by Miklos Banffy.


If I were a judge I would have given #1 (top) first place. It sings to me. I want to open that book and find that place that I see in the painting.