the duchess, unpublished

Mark Shaw captured these images of Henrietta Tiarks (who would later become the Duchess of Bedford) at Palais Royale in Paris in 1959. The photos are outtakes from a fashion assignment for LIFE magazine and were never intended for publication. The Duchess is modeling a green Jules-Fran├žois Crahay suit. That's Monsieur Crahay himself (below) ogling his creation at the Nina Ricci salon.

Prints of these images are available, along with a host of other Mark Shaw photographs, at the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive.

:mark shaw; other images of the duchess of bedford at the national portrait gallery


Luisa Perkins said...

She doesn't even look real in the first photo. I thought she was a doll at first. Perfection can be frightening.

But oh, that suit. To die for.

diana said...

"the duchess, unblemished" perhaps?

Melanie Montgomery said...

She looks like a doll.
Wow, she was stunning, just stunning.

Anonymous said...

her eyes seem unusually wide apart