birds of a feather

I was shooting up some Selby last week and landed on images of Daniela Kameliotis's wondrous workshop. The gorgeous gold-drenched multicolored plumage (above) is but one piece (albeit a remarkably beautiful one) in her collection. (Sadly, I can't access The Selby today. Did I OD? Have I overstayed my welcome? What's happening? When it's all back up and I elbow my way through, I'll snag some more pics of Daniela's space. It amazes. I aspire to that level of creative exuberance and visual splendor in my surroundings.)

I have a notion that my primary visual cortex is overdeveloped; I tend to follow a string of visual associations when I see something that really strikes my fancy. Case in point: Daniela's feathers took me to Art Gray's shot of Jon Eric Riss's tapestry. And then on to the YSL multicolor feather coat that you see in both close-up and top-to-bottom below.

Please enjoy, come back for more ... and do let me know if/when Mr. Selby's place opens for business. 'Preciate that.

daniela kamiliotis at the selby; art gray and john eric riis; ysl


My Castle in Spain said...

what is it with feathers, they immediately add a touch of "douce folie"...love it !

Jane Flanagan said...

Selby is back!

Feathers are divine. But, I must say, I like them on birds more than anywhere else.

tangobaby said...

Honey! The YSL dress is HERE in San Francisco at the YSL exhibit! I have made the pilgrammage three times to see the feathered dress (and everything else too).

I would take photos for you but I've already gotten in trouble twice.

I'm like you... I love feathers.