so long, farewell

Sunday was the second annual Good Riddance Day: New York City residents were invited to say goodbye to their bad memories of 2008 (the financial meltdown, in particular) by tossing them into an industrial-strength shredder set up in Times Square. A sledgehammer was provided to those who preferred to have their lingering 2008 memories smashed to pieces (subtle). Last year, people destroyed their annoying cell phones and shredded lousy report cards. This year, the $250 prize for the most creative object shredded went to a man who tossed in a sock. It represented all the socks that emerge from the laundry without their mates.

:la times


tangobaby said...

Is it possible that New Yorkers do things with just a tiny bit more flair than the rest of us?

I can think of some people in Washington I'd like to hit with a sledgehammer, but one of 'em almost got nailed with a shoe.

Great cathartic idea and post.

Vanessa said...

Seriously, I am so very impressed. I would have been right there, with the sledgehammers, likely. There possibly could've been tears. But it would have felt oh so good.

paris parfait said...

Love that idea. Being there earlier this month reminded me of how much I miss New York. I think the "good riddance" we're all looking forward to most is Bush and Cheney. :)

Happy New Year! xo

Jen said...

I like the sock idea. Actually, I like the whole idea.