queen and tina's excellent adventure

From last night's SNL installment.

Latifah (Gwen Ifill): Governor Palin, what is your position on Healthcare regulation?

Fey (Sarah Palin): I'm gonna ignore that question and instead talk about Israel. I love Israel so much. Bless its heart. There's a special place for Israel in heaven. And I know some people are going to say I'm only saying that to pander to Florida voters but from a very young age, my two greatest loves were always Jews and Cuban food.

Latifah (Ifill): I would now like to give each of you a chance to make a closing statement.

Fey (Palin): (holding flute) Oh, are we not doing the talent portion?

[Fey (Palin) plays flute, winks]
[Latifah (Ifill) stares]

Latifah (Ifill): Governor Palin?

Fey (Palin): I liked being here tonight answering these tough questions without the filter of the mainstream gotcha media with their 'follow-up questions,' 'fact-checking' or 'incessant need to figure out what your words mean and why ya put them in that order.' I'm happy to be speaking directly to the American people to let them know if you want an outsider who doesn't like politics as usual or pronouncin' the "g" at the end of the words she's sayin', I think you know who to vote for. Oh, and for those Joe Six-packs out there playing a drinking game at home -- Maverick.

:chicago sun times


peter said...

It's funny because it's true.

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tangobaby said...

Boy, Queen looks beautiful there. She even looked good in that silly wig! She was awesome in that skit.