hello, i must be going*

But not before I leave you with a dose of visual wonderment.

Elspeth Diederix was born in Nairobi in 1971. Although her early studies were in painting and sculpture, she found photography to be a more effective vehicle for her creative expression. Diederix deliberately abstains from the use of digital manipulation techniques; she achieves her whimsical special effects through manual intervention. Optical illusion, false perspective, mixing color and form - Diederix applies these painting techniques to her photographic images.

* Which Marx Brothers film features this lyric?

Hello, I must be going,
I cannot stay, I came to say, I must be going.
I’m glad I came, but just the same, I must be going.

The first correct (or witty - or both) response wins a prize!
('Tis the season, you know.)

:elspeth diederix


Emma said...

I do believe it was the Marx Brothers film which features, briefly (and largely unnoticed!), Phil Collins, no? Taken directly from his album by the same name?
;-) (Oh dear, I don't actually listen to Phil Collins, I assure you!)

Jane Flanagan said...

Animal Crackers!!!

tangobaby said...

Even though Jane beat me to it, I am always am thrilled to see a reference to the Brothers Marx.

And the photos are amazing! How do you find these?!

Design Scouting said...

beautiful! happy weekend!

diana murphy said...

Two winners!!!

Emma! Clever. Except for the fact that Phil Collins was born some 20 years after the release of Animal Crackers (the 1930 Marx Bros. film that features Groucho singing this lyric), you were right on the money. Mr. Collins did, indeed, cut an album by this name. I'm not sure if it's the title of a single as well. Anyone? Anyone? Emma, treats for you!

Jane! Ding! Ding! Ding! YES! Animal Crackers it is. Groucho (Captain Jeffrey Spaulding) sings the line just before the dialogue that precedes the song "Hooray for Captain Spaulding." Wahoo, Jane! Goodies for you - tout de suite.

TBaby! A bit quicker on the draw next time. In answer to your query: I spend too much time plumbing the depths of the internets (call me Joe T. Muse). How did I find these, exactly? Hmm. (Thinking. Thinking.) Right. I was trawling the Diana Stigter online gallery archives (as I do), and found Ms. Diederix's work.

Abbey! Happy weekend to you as well. Enjoy the glorious weather.

Jane Flanagan said...

Yay!! That was fun. Have a great weekendy!

Emma said...

Hooray!! You have no idea how excited I am that my tongue-in-cheek answer won a prize. =)