ginkgo b. and other prehistoric tales

I think the Ginkgo leaf is the loveliest example of natural design. It is at once delicate and resilient. I like that.

A few days back, I spotted this new Ginkgo leaf-y fabric (image 2) in Marimekko's autumn line. I didn't realize, initially, that the leaf's size had been enlarged to proportions that suggest some designer's prehistoric fantasy (image 3). THEN, I remembered some beautiful Ginkgo (and other plant life) artwork I ran across at Wagner Paintings (images 4-7). So I'm offering it all up here today, for your viewing plejure.






Did you know? The Ginkgo biloba tree is often referred to as a living fossil, and dates back more than 150 million years. It is the sole living link between the lower and higher plants, between ferns and conifers. At one time, the Ginkgo was thought to be extinct. But, in the 18th century, the tree was found growing in China and has since been redistributed throughout the world - and today, the Ginkgo can even be found growing on plantations where the leaves are harvested for use in herbalism. The "herb" is used to improve memory, cognitive function, and as an antioxidant. Aside from its rich history, the Ginkgo is one of autumn's loveliest trees. Its clear, brilliant yellow color is unmatched in beauty.

Throughout time, the Ginkgo leaf has symbolized longevity, changelessness and love.


:marimekko; wagner paintings


P said...

I love this post. Did I tell you how happy I am that you are posting again?

Ginkgos always remind me of childhood trips to the Natural History Museum, which is lined with the STINKIEST ginkgoes around. The smell of the crushed berries is utterly foul for such a lovely tree.

Janelle said...

oh how beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. . ! thanks! i find this site so inspirational, simple, perfect and well, beau...said it already. xxjanelle

Design Scouting said...

i LOVE ginkgos!!!

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