tim walker addendum

This Tim Walker shot of Sacha Pivovarova in Kizhi, Russia, appeared in a 2006 issue of British Vogue. One of Walker's assistants, Michelle Duguid, was there for the shoot. She recounts this lovely backstory:

Four generations of a family lived in this cramped house. We ended up unpacking the clothes in a room where four of the oldest members of the family slept, while Tim set up his tripod in an adjoining room surrounded by a further 17 staring members of the extended family. The two sisters sang us old Russian folk songs about the death of traditional country life, a subject close to our hosts' hearts. The singing moved Sacha to tears.

:daily telegraph; image © tim walker pictures


Jen said...

This is not unlike the experiences I had in Krasnodar when I lived there in 1987. Cramped to us doesn't always feel that way. New ways aren't always the best ways.

TIG said...

This is, without a doubt, a beautiful photograph -- the setting, the stunning and signature Tim Walker lighting -- and yet everything becomes more poignant and lovely with the moving backstory.