fancy pants

Ryan Thurlwell's typographic illustrations are equal parts Chicago graffiti, classical drawing and deconstructivist painting. Thurlwell renders everything from maps to animals, and his love of comic books (both collecting and creating) plays a large role in much of his editorial and fine art freelance work.

This curvaceous, fanciful piece began as a ballpoint pen drawing. (Find the embedded title of the artwork in the art itself. It's sort of a Highlights Hidden Pictures kind of thing.) Thurlwell vectorized and letterpress-printed the art to give it an ultra-crisp look (and feel) on soft Crane paper.

:the wanderland


Jen said...

This is really cool stuff. I love the layering and different influences.

Anonymous said...

Fancy Pants - right?

Have you visited typeisart.com? If not, you may enjoy playing with their interactive typography project.

Thank you for your visits!

Kind Regards