east, meet west

These Buddhist monks couldn't have found a better match for Mrs. Siddons's cinnamon-toasted frock fabric—not even if Tim Gunn had given them the challenge and sent them off to Mood.

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Of interest: Sir Joshua Reynolds's portrait of the famous English actress, Sarah Siddons, was hailed at the time of its first exhibition in 1784 as one of the greatest portraits of all time. Analysis of the original work reveals a complex series of changes made to the painting by Reynolds, particularly to the color of Siddons's dress, which was originally blue, but ultimately changed by Reynolds to the warm yellow-brown seen today.

How would YOU describe that luscious color?

:top image alexander antonyuk; sarah siddons as the tragic muse, huntington art gallery, san marino


Vanessa said...

I'm thinking, burnt sienna? A cross between copper and gold? The photo of the monks appreciating art was very interesting! If the painting were alive, I'm sure both subjects would have been interesting to the other.

Jane Flanagan said...

Rust, harvest gold?!

Love it!

P said...

Roan brown.

I've been waiting for AGES to say "roan brown." You don't even know.

tangobaby said...

First(ly), I love the photos of the monks in the gallery. That is a superb image.

Secondly, I love the Huntington Gallery. To my mind, that (and the Norton Simon and the sushi at Katsu-ya in Studio City) are the only reasons for me to go to So. Cal.

And, Thirdly, seeing the name Sarah Siddons makes me giggle and think about the fabulous movie All About Eve and the coveted Sarah Siddons Award.

Fourthly, the color reminds me of the infamous Crayola crayon, Burnt Umber. (I never used it.)

Mary-Laure said...

I love the way the color of the monks' robes echo the paintings... Beautiful pictures, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photograph -- I love all the warm, rich amber tones (both in the Siddons portrait and in the monks' robes).


Anonymous said...

I am afraid that I am too sleepy to suggest a suitably original or inspired colour for her dress, but it's a wonderful picture nevertheless.

Lynne Rutter said...

i call that dress color cinnamon.

LOVE the all about eve reference, darling, thanks for reminding me!

Lynne Rutter said...

or tobacco.
tobacco color goes great with saffron robes.

TIG said...

The burnt sugar atop crème brûlée . . .

The photo with the Buddhist monks is inspired.