eames went postal without me

The Eames stamps have been available since June 17. Way back in January, I blathered on about the upcoming release. So how did I miss it? Who knows.

I think I'll head over to the USPS site and order a few panes, tout de suite. Are YOU delighting friends, family and your gas & electric co. with some mid-cench style on outgoing mail? I bet you are.

:many things eamesian


Jen said...

Oh... thank you for this! I hadn't known.

BTW... do you know about the furniture store (I've forgotten the name) on the corner of 76th and Columbus? It's just wonderful, and you might enjoy it. It has Eames knock-offs and similar things based on that period of design. I love it.

tangobaby said...

This is very cool and I'll look for those stamps. When I think of Charles and Ray Eames, I always think first of their films, especially Powers of Ten. It was years before I knew that they also were incredible designers and so diversely talented.

studio wellspring said...

yes, i definitely must get me some of these! the eames are on the top of inspiring people list.