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I have just discovered the wonderfulness of Rocío Rodríguez (I'm likely among the very few who hadn't known of her - until today, in my case - but no matter). Rodríguez was born in Cuba and educated (in the late 70s) at the University of Georgia in Athens. I'm amazed at the depth she achieves through the use of simple, calligraphic line interwoven with layers of paint (thick, opaque, textured - or smooth and transparent). Here's Rodríguez commenting on her work:

In my paintings, several realities co-exist -- from a disintegrating cosmos, to foreign wars, to the silence of a private garden, parallel worlds existing side by side. They present differing dichotomies: the global and the personal, the natural and the mechanical, the concrete, the abstract, the ambiguous, the suggestive. Our lives are a confluence of chaotic and ordered experiences that we perceive on various planes. For me, painting parallels the complexity of this dynamic.

Some of his canvases are quite large. See what I mean right here.

images: artnet; fay gold gallery
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Luisa Perkins said...

Well, you heard of him before I did.

The depth created so simply in those pieces is fascinating.

/// said...

HA, I love that you list the lineage. GOOD FOR YOU! :)

And this is SOOOO lovely.

And ok, I'll admit it. I have an obsession with Chuck Norris jokes and they're like my favorite thing in the world.

Wow. I can't believe I typed that.

Alkemie said...

His paintings are fascinating. I Love the color he uses with them as well! Great find!

Sandra Evertson said...

Fabulous! So very Alive! I can almost hear them!
Sandra Evertson

P said...

So lovely - new to me, and a wonderful discovery. Also a pleasure to discover two new blogs through your lineage.

Paul Pincus said...

these are beautiful...check out Otto Zitko's work through Cheim and Read...I think you'll like his work.

most excellent blog!

Anonymous said...

Rocio is a woman.

diana murphy said...

lp: Glad you like.

dfm: Yes, the linkage is key. The CN thing is a puzzlement - intriguing, nonetheless.

a: Good of you to drop in. Thanks.

se: Oh, de-lighted to see you here! Thanks for the lovely comment.

p: Always a pleasure, my dear.

pp: Wow! Thanks for visiting. I checked out Zitko's work - there's a lot of energy in those bands of color.

a: Thank you for your (discreet) comment. Goodness. Clearly, I should take greater care. I'll amend the post right away. Apologies to all - most especially to Ms. Rodriguez herself.