a little dab 'l do ya*

I welcomed the month of love with an explosion of red, but I'm bidding farewell using a lighter touch. A splot, a pat, a hint - it's enough.

So long, février. No worries. When you come around next year, we (here in the contiguous 48 + 2) will be sportin' a new president. We better not screw that up again.

*Brylcreem advertising tagline, c. 1950s+

:images studio ilse, shoot factory


Jen said...

I love those photos and rooms, Diana. And yes, we sure better NOT screw it up again. Sigh.

Jane Flanagan said...

I love the bottom image a lot - the Nelson pendant, the red silk drape. Beautiful and lived in - I could move in tomorrow.

AshleyL. said...

thank you for stopping by decor amor! you have quite a lovely blog too! would you be interested in swapping links?!

ps. this post is great! i love the color schemes!