gosh, ez. thanks.

The ever-gracious and talented Ez at Creature Comforts put together the most wonderful feature: a design+style+art blog links gallery - in graphic form. She created a unique thumbnail button for each individual blog on the list, so you get a snapshot, a taste, a sample -- (well, a thumbnail) -- of what you might expect when you click and visit. (Scroll down the left side of Ez's blog to check out the gallery.)

Ez generously included my blog. There, just above, is the amazing button (lerv!) she designed for me (object may appear larger than it actually is).

Each one of Ez's thumbnail layouts is a little touch of lovely. I'm completely blown away by Ez's initiative and skill--and her spirit of inclusiveness and community. This is an extraordinary effort, brilliantly executed. What a superb treat!

:creature comforts


Brilliant Asylum said...

That is beautiful.

P said...

Hurray! I was so thrilled when I spotted this. Congratulations - I'm so happy that Diana:Muse is getting the attention it deserves. I think Ez did a marvelous job curating all the blogs - what a fabulous idea.

Luisa Perkins said...

It's perfect! I love it.

diana murphy said...

ba - So glad you're back!

p - You are filled with kindness. And you'd make a great publicist. What a combination.

l - Thanks, you blogging veteran, you.

paris parfait said...

Lovely! What a great idea!