I just don't get why 300 wasn't nominated for a Special Effects or Art Direction AA. Bummer.

Ah, well. Here's my little tribute to this visual feast of a film. Spaaaah...taaaans!

A panel (above left) from Frank Miller's graphic novel 300. On the right, the corresponding scene as it appears in the film. And the book, 300: The Art of the Film, is terrific (cover art below) - it might be a good choice for those who appreciate the film's artistry, but can't stomach the graphic violence in motion.

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Luisa Perkins said...

It really is an odd omission. I've got to check out the graphic novel.

Jen said...

I wouldn't be able to take the violence on screen, but I think I need to try the novel. Have you seen "300 the PG trailer" on youtube? It's hilariously funny. Especially the end.

girl meets glamour said...

I was thinking the same thing!!

Brilliant Asylum said...

I have not seen this, but now I know I need to (with one hand over my eyes, of course).