seven by seven

Here's the thing.

P, of what possessed me notoriety and the wittiest writer in all the land, recently invited me to do this seven weird things thing. A few days prior, studio wellspring's Anjie, the loveliest blogger in all the land, had extended a similar invitation. Generally and historically, I have a strong resistance to such forms of nation-...er...online community building. But I'm trying to change my ways; at least some of them. So I'll play. But I draw the line at 'tagging' others to do the same. I just can't. Won't. Can't. Well, maybe. Someday. Here goes.

I sleep best after undergoing general anesthesia. My ear lobes are kind of lobeless. I adore driving in New York City. Preferably in a car with manual transmission. Heavy rainstorms: comforting; strong, whipping winds: terrifying. I've seen Raising Arizona about 117 times. My boxed collections include collections of boxes.

So there's a snapshot of about 47 seconds of my thought process (aka my weird). Welcome to my brain. One other weird thing (the eighth - I know, I'm pushing it) about me is that I seem compelled to add a twist to (read complicate) seemingly straightforward tasks (like coming up with this list, for example). If you do the NY Times crossword, you probably noticed immediately that the words in my list (if physically manipulated) could form a square grid. I flatter myself. If you do the daily JUMBLE, you noticed that immediately. So much for the cleverness of me. Thanks, P and Anjie, for the invite. I had fun.

:image leigh wells.


P said...

Oh, you flatterer, you! I was so happy to read these. I LOVE RAISING ARIZONA. BEST MOVIE. EVER.

Luisa Perkins said...

Well, well: a meme from thee. I'm very impressed!

Good on ya, mate.

Jen said...

Done in your very own, stylish way.