and the winner is...

...um...er...my Mom.

Two weeks (or so) ago, I posted a couple photos (one is reposted just below) that I described as "orange underground" and asked willing readers to participate in a little i.d. contest.

From both e- and blog-responses, I received the following guesses:



São Paolo.


Chicago O'Hare Airport.

Penn Station.

Good guesses all. But none are correct.

Correct answer IS:

Moscow (москва). That's Moscow, as in the Russian Federation, to be clear. And the shot is from the Tverskaya (Тверская) metro station on the Zamoskvoretskaya Line. (Mom didn't know all THAT - in fact, her first answer was simply Russia. I pressed her just a titch to get her to specify Moscow. I report this in the interest of full disclosure.)

Thanks to everyone who participated. Such fun! There is absolutely nothing about this photograph that would tip you off. You had to know something about me/us and where we've been in order to make more than a spin-the-globe-and-stop-it-with-your-finger guess. So Mom had an advantage, no question. But fair is fair, and my absolutely fabulous Mother will take home (or, more accurately, receive via snail mail AT her home) these beautiful note papers from Albertine Press.

I have another photo in mind for this week's contest. Also orange, but the subject is an animal. Oh, heck, I'll go to iPhoto right now and find it. Okay. Here it is.

Give this a try: As you can tell (hopefully), this is a camel (Camelus dromedarius). Where was this photo shot? That's the question.

Clue(s): this charming dromedary is in captivity (as you can probably see); the shot was NOT taken in Africa.

So start your guessing. I have another beautiful etsy-letterpress find to give away. It's waiting in the wings.

Ding ding ding ding ding. We have a winner!! My old friend, Anna, from the great state of OR pulls it out. Our single-humped camel friend was featured at the Bronx Zoo's Holiday Lights in 2005. Anna, be on the lookout. Lovely papers will find their way to your mailbox very soon.



Anonymous said...

My guess would be a state fair.

Thanks for the comment! I'm excited to look around your blog as well.

Anonymous said...

I like the spin the globe thing. I'll guess The San Diego Zoo. : ) Emily

Anonymous said...

i confess i wouldn't have guessed correctly on the orange underground. but i wonder about that camel. the national zoo?

Brilliant Asylum said...

Dubai--that is not in Africa is it?

Anonymous said...

Am I too late? My guess is the zoo in New York City.