if walls had eyes

Cole & Son has come out with these beautiful - and in the case of the classic "eyes/faces" images, a bit unnerving - wallpapers utilizing the celebrated works of Piero Fornasetti. When Karen Beauchamp, creative director for Cole & Son, was invited to collaborate on the collection, she was "bowled over by the depth and beauty of Piero's drawings," according to an article in this month's New York Home magazine. True to the Italian tradition of "disegno", the process of drawing and redrawing from classic inspiration, Beauchamp adapted and incorporated signature Fornasetti designs to suit wallpaper. By screeen-printing the wallpapers by hand, Cole & Son continues the Fornasetti tradition of impeccable craftsmanship on a large-scale-production level.

(I just love these patterns; they make such nice autumn blog-decor!)

from top: variaziani, ortensia, corallo, frutto proibito, peonie


The Paris Apartment said...

stunning, beautiful and playful, everything you want in design! thanks!

girl meets glamour said...

These are all beautiful prints and I'm a big fan of Cole and Son.


Luisa Perkins said...

My fave is the frutto.