decorative objets friday

From the fantazmic apartment of legendary decorateur Thomas Britt. (Ulterior motive: I wanted to snag the following quote from NYSD's interview with Mr. Britt - it spoke to me.) "His apartment was Parisian-opulent, full of flair and confidence, the very opposite of the horrible, dull linearity that seems to have a stranglehold at the moment." Dull linearity. Nicely done.

Enjoy these. And happy weekend, everyone.

A collection of Chinese porcelain sits atop four faux Porphory tables designed by Britt and made in Bogotà:

On the marble mantel, a pair of raspberry-colored Chinese vases from Charles Heilemann flank a Ming Foo dog from Nuri Farhadi antiques:

:images via newyorksocialdiary/house


Mélanie said...

Beautiful decoration , pictures and inspiration.
Thank you for sharing

diana murphy said...

Melanie: So good of you to let me know you stopped by. I was so excited to see your Tricia Guild/Designers Guild post today!

Bon weekend!

Things That Inspire said...

That last picture is beautiful! Did you consolidate down to one blog?

Unknown said...

Nice eye candy! Can't decide which objects I like best.